Gel Air 2D

Gel Air 2D Ampliar

Memory foam cushion with gel.

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The Gel Air 2D cushion is made of a contoured moulded viscoelastic foam base (i.e. Visco Mouss’) connected to a polyurethane gel insert with two densities. The viscoelastic fluide gel (blue or green pad) ensures maximum pressure relief on vulnerable bony areas while the regular gel and the foam increase the contact surface and maximize pressure relief. The cushion‘s shape ensures a good posture while seating and prevents from sliding forward.
Available with «blue» or «green» gels of different viscosity.

● High to very high risk level.

❐ 410 x 410 x 75 mm
❐ 430 x 430 x 75 mm
❐ 450 x 450 x 75 mm

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