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  • Lift chairs

    Herdegen manufactures a wide range of comfortable lift chairs with one or two motors.

  • Sleeping

    The beds have been designed especially for Home Care use requirements. A strict selection of raw materials as well as a high quality motorisation grant a significant reliability to these daily used beds : Ideal for sales or hiring.

  • Moving and handling

    Transfers of patients is a big issue for caregivers. HERDEGEN has developed a line of products to make transfers easier at Home, in hospitals or in nursing homes.

  • Wheelchairs

    We offer now a line of standard low-budget steel wheelchairs.

  • Bedsores and Comfort

    The Herdegen line of seat cushions ranges from Gel to Foam cushions designed to give support to patients whilst in wheelchairs and/or day chairs. Our cushions range from Low to High Risk level. We also manufacture OEM products and would be happy to discuss this topic with you.

  • Toiletting

    People who have difficulty getting out of bed or reaching the toilet may need the convenience of a bedside commode or a raised toilet seat. Several models are available, offering unique features and high quality at an affordable cost.

  • Bathing

    We offer a complete line of bath safety products to make bathing or showering as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • Mobility

    Since 1860 Herdegen has been developping and manufacturing innovative and quality walking aids. Herdegen is world leader in the production of elbow crutches, using the latest technologies of injection and assembling.

  • Aids for daily living

    To provide solutions for everyday issues and improve basic quality of life, we offer a number of impactful products designed with this goal in mind.

  • Orthopaedic

    A strict selection of the raw materials used for their making as well as an acknowledged know-how in the medical field, warrant a great efficiency to this ortheses range. Athenax is recognised as being a leader in the field offering an excellent quality-price ratio : a true generic orthopaedics.

  • Bariatric

    A new line starting by HERDEGEN...soon much more products will be available.