HERDEGEN, A history of family, innovation, partnership and quality...

In 1860, Auguste Herdegen founded in Paris a factory to produce sticks and umbrellas. Indeed, fashion accessories were essential at that time. In the 1900s, no less than 100 craftsmen were working in the Company.

In 1924, by the end of the war, his son Paul was allowed to make the very first blind cane.

In 1936, a government decree limited the number of cane users because of a growing number of incidents between the police and demonstrators. Furthermore, because of an important evolution in habits, the HERDEGEN Company started to develop the cane as a walking aid.

In 1957, Jean Herdegen, the grandson designed and manufactured the very first elbow crutch existing in France. Other items such as tripods, walking frames were added in order to provide a larger range of walking aids.

During the 1980s, The HERDEGEN Company knew a huge expansion thanks to Antoine HERDEGEN the great-grandson. Indeed, he developped the Company know-how designing and manufacturing high standard medical and homecare products. A large range of aids such as commode chairs, motor beds, mattresses and cushions… is manufactured in order to meet an increasing elderly population requirements either at hospital or at home. In the meantime, a considerable range of orthopaedic products is also developed.

Nowadays, HERDEGEN is the biggest manufacturer of elbow crutches in the world and one of the major independent manufacturer of Home Care products in Europe, the Family Spirit is still there after 157 years and the company’s workers do their best to provide high quality products and services.

A few world firsts: in 1990 the famous "CONTACT PLUS" a soft toilet raiser. In 2001 the revolutionary bi-components "ADVANCE" elbow crutch that emphasizes the innovation capacity of the Company. In 2002 the new "EVOLUTION" elbow crutch, in 2004 the "ADVANCE II", in 2008 the new "TIKI" elbow crutch and the commode chair "EVEN", in 2009 the new line of commode chair "BEST UP" and 2012 the new "AMPLITUDE" Alzheimer Home Care Bed.

Quality: a daily concern

Our production are submitted to regular and serious controls carried out by our quality service as well as independent testing and certification Institutes; most of our products are complying with the European or International standards (ISO, EN CE...). Identification of our products by batch or serial numbers is the warranty for end users and professionals of the traceability of most of our goods.

Leafing through our catalogue, is just like leafing through a photo album giving a true reflection of a company life story, written daily, listening to users, health Specialists and professional distributors who are meant to be our long-time partners. We would like to take this oppotunity to thank them for their advice and support.

Our company in figures:

Founded in 1860
35 000 sqm production facilities
Export to 50 countries worldwide
185 employees
2500 customers worldwide
3500 product’s references
OEM production